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World of Warcraft Leveling Bots: The Easy Way To Lose Your WoW Account

World of Warcraft leveling bots promise to handle all the minor chores we all hate. Leveling up from 1 to 80 is a lengthy process, so many gamers look for programs to handle this boring task. Since you’re here reading this, that must mean you’re also looking for the easy way out. Be careful, this will get your account permanently locked.

These programs can do much more than level your character from 1 to 80. They can also be designed for farming for gold, fishing, and doing repetitive professional tasks (like cutting gems). There are also quite a few to farm honor for PvP. But they also hide an unpleasant surprise.

World of Warcraft leveling bots are nothing more than game hacks that are designed to trick the system into thinking that a normal person is on the other side. Blizzard will definitely ban your account from the game if you are caught using a leveling bot or similar cheat. They just didn’t design the game to be played as a single player game, and will take action against those who try to treat it that way.

WoW leveling bots are also known to host keyloggers. These keyloggers, as the name suggests, record the keys you press on your keyboard. The information they may obtain includes:

  • Your account information.
  • Your credit card information if you buy things online.
  • Other passwords and sensitive information you enter on your computer.

The price you pay for these programs can potentially be much higher than advertised.

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