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World of Warcraft’s best combination of professions for gold farming in Northrend

Before I start telling you what and where to farm with the WoW profession combo that I consider to be the best, I must say that this may not apply to you. I know that not all World of Warcraft players have these professions in their characters and have their own farming methods, but these two have always worked for me. So what is the combination of professions for gold farming in Northrend that works best?

I am talking about Mining and Engineering. First of all, if you get both business skills early on, you won’t have to pay a lot of money, especially in Engineering. The minerals that you can collect due to the Mining profession should be enough to improve engineering.

Now, there are two main ways to farm with these two professions. The first is to follow a certain mining route, collect minerals and on your way also extract Crystallized elements from the Arctic Clouds that you find. An excellent area for this type of gold farming in Northrend is the Sholazar Basin. Lots of saronite and titanium here, and there are several places where you can find arctic clouds. However, since Sholazar is quite a popular area, the competition for these resources is sometimes quite intense. To stay one step ahead or to be more efficient at harvesting, a flying mount is a good tool.

The second way to farm with Mining – Engineering is to find a camp with mechanical monsters, grind them up, and then rescue their remains to collect various pieces of engineering. Of course, that involves only your Engineering, but if there are some mineral nodes around that camp, you can collect the mineral every few minutes while those nodes respawn. A great place for this type of farming, based on the Engineering profession, is northwest of Storm Peaks, in the Snowdrift Plains. Many of the golems that can be rescued, Dark Iron Dwarves there drop Relics of Ulduar and also Frostweave Cloth, and there are quite a few spots where Saronite Deposits can spawn in that area.

At the end of this article, I must repeat that these two professions work well for me when it comes to farming gold in Northrend. However, whatever profession mix you have, there are always some great methods and places to farm for gold, all you need to do is find them yourself. After that, it’s just a matter of skill and time.

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