How Do BMW’s Active Seat Ventilation Systems Work?

BMW’s Active Seat Ventilation Systems Work

For many drivers, a key reason to buy a luxury car is the comfort that comes with it. In addition to heated seats and power adjustments, BMW offers ventilated seat options in most of its models. But how do they work? And is this a feature you should pay extra for in a new car? We’ll explore these questions and more in this article, so read on to find out more about BMW’s active seat ventilation systems.

Ventilated seats help to keep the driver and front passenger cool and comfortable during a long drive. They use perforations on the seat surface to dissipate moisture from the body, preventing sweating and sticking. The feature can also be used in conjunction with seat heating to provide warmth when needed.

While not as common as heated Buy BMW car seats, it’s becoming increasingly popular to include this option in luxury cars. It’s an especially useful feature in hot weather, and can help prevent the discomfort of sitting in a warm car for extended periods of time.

How Do BMW’s Active Seat Ventilation Systems Work?

The ventilation system in a BMW uses a combination of air circulation and heat. It is operated using the same button as seat heating, which can be found on the climate control panel in most models. By pressing this button, you can select one of three intensity levels for the seat cooling and ventilation system. You can also turn the function off completely by a fourth press of the button.

Unlike heated seats, which only operate when the car is running, ventilated seats run constantly to keep you comfortable on long journeys. The air is drawn from the cabin and circulated through the seat by nine axial flow fans, five in the seat and four in the backrest. This air is then cooled by special perforations in the leather upholstery and distributed evenly over the whole seat area, ensuring the occupant remains fresh throughout the ride.

You can easily control the airflow through the ventilation system in your BMW using the infotainment system. It’s easy to find the button, which is usually located next to the heated seat buttons, and then select the desired intensity level from the menu. You’ll know that you have reached the highest setting if three blue LEDs illuminate on the button or when the screen shows three blue bars.

BMW has been testing out the idea of offering some of its software-based features by subscription since 2020. This includes things like adaptive cruise control and automatic high beams. However, it’s important to note that any features that were paid for in the initial purchase of your car are not available for subscription later. The goal of this program is to give BMW owners, or second or third owners, the opportunity to try out features they may not have had the opportunity to test in their original vehicle.

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