5 ways to attract northern cardinals to your garden

Before moving to our current location over 20 years ago, my bird feeders were visited by male and female cardinals on a regular basis. I always liked seeing the bright red of the males and the lovely brownish green cardinals savoring the sunflower seeds. In fact, I took it for granted that cardinals would live wherever I lived. However, that […]

Tips for caring for your adopted pet

Having a pet completes a family. That is why you will find a number of families looking to buy a pet, be it a cat, dog, or hamster. This is particularly true for families without children or for families with pet-loving children. If you are hesitant to buy a pet from a breeder, why not adopt instead? One of the […]

Top 3 Reasons Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs

It can be a difficult decision to choose between a cat and a dog as a pet. They are both furry and cuddly, yet they are two very different creatures. Cats have adorable traits such as the way they care for themselves, how they manage to stay clean, and their cute antics that make them a wonderful family pet. Cats […]

How does your Japanese compare?

Which is better, your English or your Japanese? As you know, you make comparisons all the time. To get around Japan faster, you may want to ask “which is faster, the bus or the train?” On the other hand, you might ask, “which is better, sushi or tempura?” There are all kinds of comparisons to help you make the best […]

How to Find Discount Pet Supplies

I love my pet, but I hate the high cost of pet supplies. Can you relate to the constant drain on your wallet? Would you like to reduce the cost of supplies for your pet? If you also love your pet or pets and would like to benefit from some ways that I can save money on pet supplies, please […]

Nothing to sneeze

Sniffing, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, no it’s not a commercial for your favorite cold medicine, it’s your life, if you’re allergic to cats, sure. But just because you’re allergic to those furry felines doesn’t mean you can’t have one of your own. You just have to find ways to cope. For starters, you may find a breed that sheds less […]

The difference between buying and adopting a dog

If you are considering adding a new pet to your family, have you considered visiting your local shelter or pet adoption agency? There are many reasons these locations should be considered before making a pet “purchase.” Here are a few reasons among many. Before you go to your mall’s pet store, take a minute to think about adoption. The most […]

Are terrestrial moles dangerous for pets?

The answers are yes and no! This is because moles are more dangerous to their habitat than directly to other animals and humans. Moles are not known to be dangerous to pets or even humans. Moles resemble rats and will at some point behave like rats found in homes. However, it is easy to distinguish moles from rats by their […]

Why do we love cats so much?

Kittens are incredibly cute. If you’re having a bad day and you get close to a kitten, I know it can make you feel better. You will find yourself smiling from time to time, because who can resist its charm? Nobody. Each cat has its own distinctive characters and personalities. For us, who own one or two cats, they feel […]