What is the Rosenmund reduction?

What is the Rosenmund reduction? In Rosenmund Reaction, acyl chloride is hydrogenated to make it into aldehyde, and palladium-barium sulphate is used as catalyst. The reaction is reduction which involves addition of hydrogen. Rosenmund Catalyst Palladium on barium sulphate is rosenmund reactionand its use increases the reduction process. Use of barium sulphate lessens theactivity of palladium as barium sulphate has […]

Easy Steps to Prepare For the CISSP Online Exam

Pass CISSP Exam Online & Pay Us After You Pass CISSP Online Exam Questions Cissp online exam questions are very easy to find and you will not be disappointed. There is no reason to worry that the material being offered on these tests is outdated or that you will not understand everything that is being taught. These questions were designed […]