Which way is Thomas Jefferson’s house?

Recently, on a beautiful spring morning in Paris, some friends and I went out looking for the house where Thomas Jefferson lived between 1785 and 1789 when he was ambassador to France. This was over a decade before he became President of the United States. United States, a time when the young nation and its citizens were struggling to find […]

The 7 Most Common Nurse Retention Mistakes

I’ve met many of today’s most influential nursing leaders, HR professionals, and healthcare executives, and I’ve spoken to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of industry experts. I have often wondered why these industry powerhouses wrestle with the same persistent problem—recruiting and retaining qualified nurses—and why they repeat the same disastrous mistakes. I recently discovered the answer to my question during a seminar […]

Cabinet Knobs Uses

Importance of closets in the urban home Cabinets are very important in the home. Those who are passionate about home décor put a lot of effort into installing the appropriate cabinet designs and styles. They are useful in every room and therefore must be chosen carefully, synchronizing with the rest of the furniture. kitchen gabinets Cabinets in the kitchen are […]

Mom Etiquette: 10 Things Every Mom Should Know

I often find myself thinking, “they (ie other moms) should know better than that,” or “isn’t that a little rude?”, or “I can’t believe they think that’s cool.” Maybe since I’m older, I was raised when there were certain social graces that everyone knew how to follow. But now, many moms behave in ways that I can’t always tolerate. Here […]