NuVerus and Euphoria: A Healthy Review

NuVerus with their flagship product Euphoria believe they have created the ultimate superfood. NuVerus is a relatively new MLM company joining the health and wellness bandwagon. After reviewing a previous article on RevvNRG vs NuVerus, I decided to dig a little deeper into NuVerus and Euphoria. So let’s take a look at what NuVerus and Euphoria have to offer. You […]

How to choose the perfect military knife

Military knives, also known as tactical knives, are generally used by American Nave as they are specially designed to be used in survival circumstances that include the issue of self-defense. The history of these knives dates back to the early 1990s, when knives were first designed with a locking mechanism to open and close a knife. Military knives were chosen […]

Tattoo removal with salabrasion, painful but good, if you have a high pain threshold!

Do you have a high pain threshold? Salabrasion Tatu Removal For Those With A High Pain Threshold! And, here’s why. Salabrasion tattoo removal procedures are one of the most effective, albeit extremely painful, ways to remove unwanted tattoos. This process is quite simple and can even be done at home. The cost is also within the budget, but the process […]

Celery for excessive sweating

If you are currently experiencing a problem with your body related to excessive sweat production during normal daytime activity, such as sitting at your desk, you may have a serious medical condition known as hyperhidrosis. As technical as the term sounds, it’s basically a way of saying that your body is producing a lot of sweat for various reasons, depending […]

My opinion on cardio

My personal beliefs in cardio are very varied. I find that cardio does many different things to my body; some affect me well and others don’t affect me as much. I will share with you my personal experience with cardio. First of all, you better explain what cardio is. Cardio in my books is any activity that lasts for a […]

The narcissistic family is a cult

People associate cults with religious groups more than with family. A parent with a narcissistic disorder is a self-absorbed, manipulative, and compulsive relationship. His despotic and totalitarian personality creates havoc and toxic dynamics in family structures. Children are the weakest point of the narcissist since he has absolute power over his members. Children do not have the right to feel, […]

Dark Green Colored Contacts

Dark Green Getting dark green colored contact lenses can be a great way to enhance your natural beauty. The color is one of the best eye colors, and can help you to look more beautiful from every angle. It is also a color that represents nature, growth and renewal. You can use these lenses to enhance your beauty without damaging […]

Amazing ways to nourish your skin

Having a nourished skin is a great challenge, especially during the winter, when the pores of the skin freeze, causing poor circulation. Your face and hands are affected the most because they are the most exposed parts of your body. When your skin pores are frozen, moisture will not reach the deep layers and this will lead to dehydrated skin. […]