Maui Fire Lawyers Assist With Claims Against Utility Companies

Maui Fire Lawyers Assist

The devastating wildfires that swept through Maui in August 2023 left behind a trail of destruction, including homes, places of worship, businesses, and historic sites. Hundreds of people were injured and killed and the damage is estimated to cost billions of dollars to repair. Our Maui fire lawyers are committed to seeking justice for the victims of this preventable tragedy and holding the responsible parties accountable.

Our firm has already filed the first of what will likely be many lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric. The fires were exacerbated by the utility’s negligence in maintaining power lines, failing to shut off power in high-risk conditions, and not following national emergency policies that are designed to protect people from wildfires. Our legal team is also investigating whether the utility company’s power lines were a contributing cause of the fires, based on a series of downed and uninsulated power poles that caused electricity to flow through and ignite dry brush and grass around them.

In this case, the attorneys at Singleton Schreiber have alleged that the utility’s power lines were a major cause of the fires that devastated West Maui and Lahaina, as well as many other communities. These lines were downed and uninsulated and transferred thousands of volts into the surrounding vegetation, sparking the fires that spread so rapidly that they consumed entire neighborhoods.

Maui Fire Lawyers Assist With Claims Against Utility Companies

This is an issue that our firm is pursuing with the help of experts throughout the islands, both inside and outside of Hawaii, as we seek compensation for victims. Our clients are entitled to monetary compensation, and we will fight tirelessly for them.

We are also looking into allegations that Hawaiian Electric compromised evidence by removing the downed power poles and equipment from the area where the Lahaina fires started, prior to investigators being able to access the site. This is in violation of national guidelines and could lead to significant liability for the utility.

sue Hawaiian Electric

Our Maui fire lawyers are prepared to assist with claims against utility companies, even if you did not suffer a personal injury or death as a result of the fires. You may be eligible to recover losses for property damage, lost business, loss of income, evacuation costs, and other damages that are not covered by your insurance policy.

Call us today to discuss the extent of your losses and to determine if you are eligible to file a claim against Hawaiian Electric or other utility companies for their role in the Lahaina wildfires. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to help you every step of the way. The consultation is free of charge, and we do not get paid unless you receive compensation for your losses. Our clients’ interests always come first. This is why we take pride in being one of the most successful plaintiffs’ firms in Hawaii, and why clients count on us to deliver the highest levels of service. Call or contact our office online today to schedule your appointment.

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