Where can I purchase an AC car recharge kit?

purchase an AC car recharge kit

A leaking evaporator coil is a problem in your car’s air conditioning that can cause you to lose refrigerant and feel warm air blowing out of the vents. The evaporator coil is like a giant ice cube that absorbs hot cabin air, cools it, and then blows it back out through the dash vents. When the evaporator coil has a leak, you will see condensation dripping from the bottom of the climate control box or noticing wet spots on your carpet.

a/c car recharge kit include a can of the right type of R134a refrigerant (the standard off-the-shelf refrigerant in most cars), a reusable gauge to monitor pressure, a premium coupler to connect the hose to your car’s low-side service port, and a can of “super seal” to plug any leaks you find during the repair process. The gauge is crucial because you need to be sure that the pressure is in the system before adding more refrigerant. If you add too much, you will damage the compressor.

In most kits, there is also a stop-leak sealer that you are supposed to use as you recharge your AC system to plug small leaks as you go. The problem is that these sealers can clog the compressor, hoses and other components of your air conditioner. This causes problems far more serious than the few dollars you saved by buying a kit.

Where can I purchase an AC car recharge kit?

The other big problem is that these DIY manual recharging kits don’t fix the underlying problem that caused your evaporator coil to leak. The evaporator coil leak is usually caused by corrosion of the copper in the coil. This happens when it comes in contact with high humidity and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are gases that many common household products emit, including some cleaning products, some air fresheners, paint, flooring materials, some cosmetics and dry cleaners. When these molecules come in contact with the copper, they form formic acid which corrodes the coil and leads to leaks.

In order to fix this, the evaporator coil must be removed and replaced. This is a job that should be left to a professional with the proper equipment, tools and experience. Professionals are also trained in the appropriate safety protocols, which are necessary when working on an HVAC system.

In addition, attempting to access the evaporator coil may void any remaining warranty on your car’s air conditioning system. In addition, a professional technician will be able to address any other underlying issues that are causing your AC system to fail. So, if you are experiencing ineffective cooling, bring your car into the shop today! Our ASE certified technicians are ready to diagnose your car’s AC system and make any repairs needed. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online!

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