Hilton Consensus

Las Vegas Hilton SuperContestants predict that Sunday will be a real turkey for bookies and underdogs.

Twelve games are scheduled on that day’s NFL undercard and Hilton’s consensus sided with the favorites in 10 of them.

Underdog San Francisco, an upset winner over Matt Hasselbeckless Seattle last week, was an 84-48 pick over St. Louis.

Opinion on Game 12 was evenly split, with field-goal favorite Atlanta and New Orleans each receiving 68 nods.

Field goal favorite New England drew a strong 139-40 lead over the 9-1 Chicago Bears, becoming the Patriots’ best Week 12 bet.

The SuperContest drew 416 players who paid $1,500 each; a large number of entrants have withdrawn along the way, with many expected to return for a three-week mini-contest at the end of the season.

Hilton entrants make five pro picks weekly, receiving one point for a win and a half point for a push.

The contest is entering its 12th week of 17 and will pay out to the top 20 finalists, with nearly $250,000 going to the champion.

Another $10,000 (added) bonus for anyone who picks more than 67 percent winners.

SuperContestants took two dogs and a favorite on Thursday and triumphed in one of each.

The consensus won with hometown favorite Miami a 65-57 pick over Detroit, and Kansas City a 115-30 pick over Denver.

It lost at Tampa Bay, which scored a 55-42 call over 10 1/2-point favorite and victorious Dallas.

The nod on Monday night went to 10-point underdog Green Bay, a 34-23 pick over Seattle.

The New York Jets were a narrow 43-44 pick over Houston’s 5 1/2-point dog, the closest call of the week after the Falcons and Saints.

Other consensus picks, all favorites, were Jacksonville, 63-18 over Buffalo;
Indianapolis, 83-38 over Philadelphia; Baltimore, 94-32 over Pittsburgh; Cincinnati, 109-35 over Cleveland; Minnesota, 77-20 over Arzona; Carolina, 103-39 over Washington; New York Giants, 67-46 over Tennessee; and San Diego, 41-31 over Oakland.

The consensus is 76-79-4 thus far and the best plays are 7-4.

Jarhead has sole possession of the former with a 40-14-1 ledger and a 2 1/2 game lead over Chicago Pete (Ventrella) and Win Big.

Four players are another half game behind and a fifth is going by five full games.

Jarhead and Chicago Pete won with the Chiefs on Thursday, while Win Big skipped out on T-Day business.

Jarhead’s remaining Week 12 picks were the Jaguars, Texans, Saints and Eagles.

Chicago Pete has the Cardinals, Rams, Falcons and Redskins left.

Win Big’s five options were the Bills, Browns, Bears, Eagles and Giants.

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