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History of competitive mixed wrestling

When you think of competitive mixed wrestling, the first thing that comes to mind is Andy Kaufman and his comedic antics. However, the sport dates back to the 1950s. For most, it may seem difficult to imagine women in the ring in this era of June Cleaver’s manly men and wives. The women who stepped into the ring in the 1950s helped clear the way for the men and women who compete in the sport today.

The promoters, however, have done their homework and now cater to the more feminine side of their audience. Not only are the ladies of today aspiring to belts and championships developed specifically with them in mind, but some are even jumping in and competing for men’s titles as well. It goes without saying that the ladies of the sport have more than proven that girls are more than just sugar and spices; in fact, that concept was abandoned a long time ago.

The rules for these events have changed a bit over the years. A man and a woman can no longer fight each other in a tag team match. In the event that a person of the opposite sex is tagged, the other team must tag the person of the same sex. There are no options, and if it is not done in a timely manner, there will be repercussions. It can be assumed that the reasoning for these new rules stems from the contradictory belief that the parties themselves are unfair to women. In reality, one only has to take a good look and realize that these women can do more than take care of themselves.

Women have also made sure not to allow sport to overtake their femininity or beauty. WWE has even gone so far as to call their wrestling beauties Divas. Divas can not only kick but also in the ring, but many of them can even manage other wrestlers and even run companies related to the world of wrestling.

Rest assured that the wonderful sport of mixed competitive wrestling will remain, as always, interesting and fair to everyone involved. Although the changes will keep coming, men and women will continue to do what they do very well while continuing to add more excitement and excitement to the sport as time goes on. So whether you’re a more well-known promoter or some of the lesser-known independent promoters, this sport is a must see for anyone interested in the world of wrestling.

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