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How to perform the pedigree using some simple steps like Triple H

  • Kick your opponent close to the belly with enough force for him to lean forward.
  • Put his head between your thighs.
  • Put your arms behind your back and clasp your hands. The position of your arms should resemble the wings of a butterfly.
  • Now, these are the most important parts of the move. Jump back and land on your knees. Your opponent will face the ground and his face will be crushed due to gravity.
  • Congratulations! You have just performed the final move of Triple H, that is, Pedigree.

Warnings and tips

  • If you’re doing this for fun, make sure the other person is well versed in wrestling and strong enough to shoot. When performing with your friend, perform the movement on a soft surface such as a crib or rug. Make sure you have enough area to be able to jump back and land on your knees.
  • Otherwise, you can use this technique to effectively knock out a mugger, thief and murderer or in any other act of self defense or to protect your loved ones. While wearing this, make sure your back has really weakened and you’re already tired, or else it could counter your attack and give you a backdrop.
  • You can fit your opponent’s head between your thighs, so that instead of landing on his face, he can land on his neck.

Very important. Do not attempt the move if you think you cannot follow the following

Release the lock on your arm as soon as you jump back and begin your downward journey. Release your opponent’s arms when you are about to land. Don’t land on your head or neck at all costs. Landing on your opponent’s head or neck could cause serious injury, permanent physical or mental disability, or many times even death.


If you are under 18, ask your parents about it. However, when attempting to perform this move, you are fully responsible for your actions and their consequences.

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