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How to sexually tease your girlfriend discreetly in public

  • Touch your leg under the table, especially the inner thigh. But don’t move your hand towards your genitals. Just gently rub the inner thigh for a few minutes and remove your hand. This will drive her crazy.
  • Whispering dirty thoughts to her: “I was looking at you when you were there, you look so sexy” or “I can’t wait to take you home” or “things I’ll do to you when we’re alone.”
  • Take her to a small and discreet place and start kissing you passionately. Kiss her on the neck, lick her ear, gently pull her hair if you can. Then stop and continue your normal activity.
  • Take her hand and play with her palm. Do this when no one can see. This is a sexual taunt. Tickle the inside of his palm with your fingers while holding his hand.
  • When no one is looking, stroke her lightly and cup her chest, if you’re standing from behind. Kiss her on the neck and whisper mischievous thoughts in her ear.
  • Dancing is very sexual. Any chance you get to dance with your wife, use it!
  • When no one is looking, take their hand gently and place it over your crotch. Especially if you are aroused, this will make her want you more.
  • Write her naughty notes and hide them in her purse.
  • When you are alone for a minute, whisper in detail what you are going to do to him the second they get home.
  • Paint provocative scenarios in her mind with words, when no one can hear you both, tell her how you fantasize about having sex with her in that closet over there or on this table.

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