How to snatch a desired expiring domain

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address of a website that is intended to be easily identifiable and easy to remember, such as or These easy-to-use website addresses help connect computers and people on the Internet. Because they are easy to remember and use, domain names have become business identifiers and, increasingly, even trademarks, such as By using existing trademarks for domain names (eg, companies attract potential customers to their websites.

Domain reservation:

It is good to have a website for your business, each and every company tries to block the domain name at the time they named your business. You can search domain name availability from reservation service providers like or you can reserve the domain from any of the web hosting service providers, because sometime you will find it difficult to change the web hosting provider after any dispute. If the domain is not available with the .com extension, you can search for regional domain extensions like,,, etc.

How to get the domain you want

Business owners will be upset when the domain name related to their business has already been registered by someone else. Domain name reservation is done on a first come first served basis and sometime companies get their name back after legal battle and this will cost you a lot and can only be done by a big company like Microsoft they approached the court for the domain If the desired domain is already registered, check the Whois details in the network solutions for the details of the registered owner. You can judge the age of the domain from the “Record created on” details.

If it is too old, the chances of getting the domain name are very low. Try to access the domain through the browser, sometimes it may be for sale by the domain merchant and there may be a change to buy it and the price will depend on the popularity of the domain.

You can also approach the domain owner to purchase the domain using the whois contact details and there may be a charne. CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched the social networking website under the name because at the time, someone was registered on Once his website became the most popular, he bought from the original owner for millions of US dollars. It is not possible for small business owners to buy back the domain at a higher price and you can try to get the desired name in any of the following ways.

Domain expiration:

Write down the domain expiry details and check if your domain is renewed or not using who’s details on the expiry date. According to the survey, 30-40% of domain owners did not renew their domain name. If it was not renewed on the due date, be alert and you can get it back in 75 days.

Domain delete cycle.

Expired Status:

After an expiration date, the domain status will be set to expired, most domain registration service providers will send up to 3 domain expiration email reminders to the domain administrator contact set in the domain registry. who it is, but the owner may lose that warning email if they changed the email address. The owner can realize the expiration of the domain when he cannot access the email service or the website. The owner can renew the domain again within 45 days of the domain’s expiration date at no additional cost.

Redemption grace period:

If the domain owner failed to renew the domain within 45 days of the expiration date, the domain name status will be set to Redemption and the owner details will be removed from the whois data. The original owner still has the opportunity to renew the domain for another 35 days with additional fees of up to US$200 depending on the service provider. The owner can contact the web hosting service provider for live support via live chat or email to renew the domain.

Elimination period:

After the redemption period of 45 days, the domain will be completely removed from the whois database in 5 days and anyone can register it after the deletion. The deletion period can be up to 5 days depending on the service provider and you should check availability very frequently during this stage.

If the domain name is not very popular, you can register it from any domain registrar or web hosting company. Sometime the domain name itself is a keyword then many people will try to get that domain name which will create more competition and in that case it is safe to back order with the leading domain registration service provider domains like,, Enom .com, and I recommend that you backorder with more than one provider and we will refund your money if they were unable to lock the domain for you.

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