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Ideas for simple Halloween party games

With Halloween just a week away, we thought we’d share some simple and spooky party game ideas that your little monsters will love to play with and that take relatively little effort to put together:

• Ghost Hunt: Cut out ghost shapes from white paper or cardstock (allow approximately 4 to 5 per guest). Hide them around the house and garden and have your little guests find them. (If you have children of different ages, you may want to give the little ones a head start.) The child who finds the most ghosts is the winner. This is also a great game to play near the end of the party and you won’t have to provide full party bags either. Glue a small treat to each ghost before hiding, give each child an empty party bag and let them fill it with whatever they find.

• Ten-pin pumpkin skittles – Partially fill 10 similar-size plastic bottles with small rocks and gravel, so they stay upright and don’t fall too easily. (If you have the time or are feeling creative, you can also decorate them to look like monsters.) Draw a scary face on a mini pumpkin – this will be the bowling ball. Line up your bottles and let the kids take turns knocking them over with the pumpkin, scoring the score as they go. The child with the highest score is the winner.

• Disgusting sauce: Scoop out a pumpkin and fill it with cooled, cooked pasta. Add small packets of wrapped candy or treats and mix well. Invite your little guests to take turns in the disgusting dip; Be aware that this can get complicated!

• The Haunted Jar: Fill a jar with small candies or toys and shredded white paper (make a note of how many treats you’ve put in!). Each child guesses how many items are in the jar and the closest guess wins the treats!

• Musical monsters: put on spooky music and make your little guests move like monsters. When the music stops, they have to stay still; if they move, they are out of the game. The last monster to stand still is the winner!

• Trick or Treat: Cut squares out of paper. In the middle of the squares, write “candy”. On the other half, write “trick” on one side of the paper and a simple activity (like “cluck like a witch”) on the other side. Fold the squares and place them in a bucket (or a cauldron if you want to be inventive). Then the children take turns pulling a piece of paper out of the bucket. If they get a “treat”, give them a small treat. If they get a ‘trick’ they must complete the task written on the back before receiving their award.

• The Graveyard Game – This is a great game to play when you want to calm the party down. Your little monsters lie in the “graveyard”: the child who stays still the longest is the winner.

And finally, how do monsters predict their future? They read his ‘horror’ scope!

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