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Quick, easy and healthy meal recipes

Whether you’re cooking for two or ten, or even more, you want your healthy meal recipes to be absolutely delicious. You also want them to be quick, easy, and most of all quick healthy dinner ideas. You don’t want to rely on eating out frequently, nor do you want to be stuck preparing boxed, bagged, or frozen meals all the time. But who really has the time to cook really good diet food from scratch these days? It does, all it takes is a little planning and some food prep work ahead of time.

Remember back in the old days when a quick and easy dinner recipe was a can of Franco Spaghetti O’s? And mom made dinner in a dress, high heels and jewelry, right? That is no longer happening. With mom and dad working full time and fighting heavy traffic to get home fast. The whole family has a busy schedule, from mom and dad to the little ones. So how do you manage to make a good meal for diet meals?

Say hello to your new friend, the “slow cooker.” Pre-marinate your favorite meat, chop up a variety of vegetables, some onions, and any flavorings you’d like to add, and pop them into the slow cooker. Put the lid on, turn the dial to low, then turn off to work. When you return in the evening, you’ll have a delicious healthy meal already waiting for you. There are plenty of crock pot recipe books out there that will tell you how to adapt just about anything to slow cooker goodness. An added benefit of a slow cooker is not having to heat up your kitchen during the summer.

Take a day to cook and make double or even triple batches of some of your favorite healthy food recipes. Use one batch for tonight’s meal, then freeze the rest in different size portions. Halve one for a complete family meal. Cut the other half into individual servings and freeze for lunch or on days when not everyone can eat at the same time. This way, everyone can get their favorite dish out of the freezer, heat it up, and eat it without anyone having to cook extra food.

One of the quickest, easiest, and still healthy meal recipes I know is to take sliced ​​turkey breast and baby spinach leaves. Spread the turkey with good mustard on the spinach leaves, roll up as they are. Serve with raw vegetables and make it a snack type meal. Kids will love it, and don’t tell them it’s healthy. It will be our secret.

We have found an absolutely great diet plan that includes everything you need to know to prepare great healthy meal recipes. It comes with a very effective exercise routine that teaches you how to boost your metabolism and increase the calories you burn even while you’re resting. It’s called Strip That Fat. It comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, which means you can try it for 2 months absolutely free. The whole system costs less than a meal for 2 with a drink and dessert at my favorite restaurant Applebee’s.

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