Student Accommodation with Ensuite Bathrooms in London

Student Accommodation with Ensuite Bathrooms

London is home to more higher education institutions than any other city in the world. With students hailing from more than 40 countries, living and studying here is a truly global experience. Thankfully, there is a wealth of high-quality student housing across the capital to suit all tastes and budgets.

With everything from affordable studio flats to spacious en-suite rooms, there really is something for everyone here. All of our student apartments with ensuite bathrooms in London are conveniently located and within easy reach of their respective universities. So, whether you’re looking for somewhere close to University of East Anglia or a more central base in Whitechapel or the City of London, we’ve got it covered.

When you choose to live in our student accommodation london with ensuite bathrooms, you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of your own bedroom as well as the convenience of your own private bathroom (if you select a room with an ensuite). You’ll also have the use of all the building’s facilities, including communal lounges, study areas, gymnasium, cinema room, bike storage, laundry and 24-hour security. In addition, there are often a range of social events held on site to get you settled in no time.

Student Accommodation with Ensuite Bathrooms in London

All of our student homes with ensuite bathrooms are inspected by independent inspectors, so you can rest assured that the accommodation you choose is of the highest standard. Our properties are also ideally situated, so you’re never far from your university campus or the local amenities that make London such an amazing city to live in.

You’ll find our student accommodations with ensuite bathrooms in some of the most popular locations, including the City of London, the West End and East London. In fact, we have over 2,250 rooms in self-catering residences on or near the Mile End campus, over 360 rooms for Medicine and Dentistry students in Whitechapel and the City of London and 26 rooms adapted for students with disabilities (including wheelchair users and deaf/hard-of-hearing) in our London student accommodation in the Borough of Newham and Whitechapel.

Our Graton House property in the heart of buzzing East London offers double en-suite rooms perfect for those who love to wake up to a view and be right in the thick of it all. From here you’re within walking distance to all the major universities in the Zone 1 area and can enjoy your home away from home with our top-notch on-site facilities such as the roof terrace, games room, screening room and gym.

One of the primary benefits of student accommodation with accessible study rooms is the provision of an inclusive and supportive learning environment. London is home to a diverse student population, including students with disabilities who may have specific accessibility needs. Having dedicated study rooms that are wheelchair accessible and equipped with appropriate amenities, such as adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs, allows students with mobility challenges to study comfortably.

Student accommodation plays a crucial role in students’ personal development and well-being. A nurturing and inclusive living space promotes mental health and reduces feelings of isolation and homesickness. On-campus accommodations often offer access to support services such as counseling and wellness programs, contributing to students’ emotional well-being.

By removing physical barriers and providing equal access to study spaces, these accommodations promote inclusivity and create a level playing field for all students. Accessible study rooms also offer a quiet and focused environment that facilitates effective studying. In bustling cities like London, it can be challenging for students to find a peaceful space free from distractions.

Ideally located in the trendy suburb of King’s Cross, our Urbanest King’s Cross building is just a short tube ride from University College London and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. It’s also just a short walk to Old Street and provides stylish, contemporary accommodation with modern rooms that include a small double bed, plenty of storage, underfloor heating and an ensuite shower room. With a focus on social living, you’ll find a large shared kitchen and dining space on each floor as well as a wide range of facilities such as a cinema room, entertainment room and gym.

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