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Tattoo removal with salabrasion, painful but good, if you have a high pain threshold!

Do you have a high pain threshold?

Salabrasion Tatu Removal For Those With A High Pain Threshold!

And, here’s why.

Salabrasion tattoo removal procedures are one of the most effective, albeit extremely painful, ways to remove unwanted tattoos. This process is quite simple and can even be done at home. The cost is also within the budget, but the process must be done with sterile materials.

Those wishing to remove their tattoos with salabrasion should understand that there are many risks of infection and scarring with this procedure, not to mention not many anesthetics that can decrease pain during the process.

The process has changed little over the years. Materials needed are table salt, clean water, an abrasive device such as a block of wood on gauze, or a rough sponge. Each salabrasion session can last between 30 and 40 minutes each.

The skin on and around the tattoo should be shaved and cleaned. The salt and water needed to be mixed together and applied to the skin of the tattoo. The abrasive device should then be used to rub the tattoo until the skin has turned a deep red. There may also be slight bleeding. Most of the epidermis and part of the dermis must be removed in this process.

After rubbing the skin, it is an open wound that needs constant cleaning and protection. In order to heal the wound and successfully remove the tattoo, an antibiotic ointment should be applied and the area wrapped with sterile gauze. The gauze should be left on for three days. Once the three days have elapsed, the gauze must be removed; Salt and antibiotic ointment must be strictly reapplied!

Wrap the affected area again with sterile gauze and leave it on for three more days. After those three days, remove the gauze. Dead skin from the salabrasion tattoo removal procedure must be shed from the healthy skin, taking the ink with it in the scabs. Additional salabrasion sessions may be necessary to completely remove all traces of the unwanted tattoo.

Salabrasion tattoo removal is one of the most painful and scarring procedures available.

Patients are extremely susceptible to infection and large, unsightly scarring, which can delay tattoo removal and make the process even more painful. The salt has been said to act as an anesthetic, but has not been shown to be successful.

Because salabrasion tattoo removal is not often offered in clinics, most patients choose to perform this procedure at home with basic, inexpensive materials. Table salt, clean water, antibiotic ointment, a rough dermabrasion sponge, and sterile gauze can be purchased at most general stores. For those wanting to avoid large scars, scar removal cream has been reported to have some success and can also be purchased in general stores, but most salabrasion sessions have ended in large, unattractive scars.

The overall salabrasion tattoo removal process is highly effective with low procedure cost to the patient but high cost in pain and permanent scarring.

However, for those of you who may still be interested in this procedure, you will find additional information on our website, for this tattoo removal procedure and others.

For those who really want the answers, this is it!

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