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Vaastu Interior for a good family life

Everyone has a desire for their dream home to look beautiful and give off good energy. According to traditional Indian beliefs, each house has its own type of energy and is considered a living object. Once a person begins to live in a house, he falls under the influence of a specific energy field and is now charged. Indian Vastu science has several remedies to ensure that a house remains wound, without making any structural changes. Vastu shastra is based on natural energies such as solar energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy and wind energy. These energies can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity, and success.

Vastu comes from the same ancient scriptures of the Vedas that define the practices of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and Vedic astrology. Vastu is the yoga of interiors, which brings balance to your life, health and harmony to your surroundings, inner peace and tranquility through order and unity. Meditation gives the experience of pure consciousness to the subtle spirit; Vastu enhances this and connects us to the source through the proper channels of design. Ayurveda is the discipline of the science of life, creating balance for the health of the body. Vastu creates healthy buildings; this absolutely affects our mental and physical health, happiness and prosperity—-and the health of the environment. Vedic astrology provides insight into the planetary influences on our lives, emotions, relationships, prosperity, career, and health. The application of the recommendations and remedies of an expert Vastu consultant helps to correct negative influences in all areas of life. It also enhances and creates positive effects far beyond the merely decorative.

Sacred geometry or yantras that create perfect geometric three dimensional energy fields and, when placed correctly in the home, help to neutralize any negative effects of improper vastu. A yantra is a visual mantra and they are excellent tools for buildings that were not designed by Vastu. They protect from disturbing negative energies in the environment. When we focus on a mandala yantra, the mind resonates with the energy of the deity and a higher perception or awareness is said to be gained. The planets exert powerful vibrational effects on our bodies, minds, and emotions. The yantras help us to create harmony with nature instead of working against the forces of nature. Yantras are fine arts, the original Vedic sacred geometry of ancient India. These cosmic diagrams generate beautiful energies that infuse a splendid divine consciousness in your surroundings.

Areas north – east of your homes are considered power generators. Placing a Sri Yantra in the northeast corner will magnify the energy of prosperity and happiness. Sitting quietly in a comfortable position, allow your breath to settle into a slow deep rhythm, meditate and feel the energy of abundance and prosperity flowing through you.

Vastu recognizes five elements of creation that, when respected, enhance the flow of prana, the universal life force energy, within a building. Honoring nature is a sacred recognition. The five elements of earth, air, fire, water and space are linked energetically with particular directions. Earth is associated with the southwest; air, northwest; fire, southeast; and irrigates the northeast. Space, akasha, is the expansion at the center of both the architectural form and each room.

Curtains, tapestries and cushion covers play an important role in the interior decoration of the house. Colored silk curtains, tapestries, cushions decorate the house and enhance the beauty of the rooms. If you choose the color of the curtains according to Vaastu principles, the atmosphere in your house will be calm and quiet. Friendly sari drapes from Vaastu bring fortune and gradually unfavorable circumstances become favorable.

The antique doors and furniture are carved with symbols such as the chakra and the lotus, which are associated with energy and harmony. Traditional carvings and antique wooden cupboards and cabinets bring a lot of positivity to your home.

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