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Find out how to make your ex miss you like crazy and give your relationship a second chance!

It’s the same story after every breakup. Emotions are running wild, the couple is very angry with each other and both are also suffering a lot. The result is that they stop talking to each other for a while. As you can see, your situation is not unique: many people have been through what you are experiencing right now. If your ex ignores you, leave him alone for a while and your absence will make him miss you.

Don’t make any contact with your ex, even if it’s to apologize. Your ex just isn’t interested in what you have to say right now. The last time you said something to your ex, it was hurtful and unpleasant things. Your ex distrusts you now and he doesn’t want to repeat the performance of the last time you were together.

Try to understand how your ex feels and have respect for their decision not to talk to you. You are partly to blame for the argument you had, and not talking to you is your ex’s way of dealing with her feelings. Those bad feelings will fade after a while, and the fact that you haven’t been around will make your ex miss you.

Don’t spend your days thinking about when you and your ex will be together again – go out and enjoy your life. After all, you have also been through an unpleasant ordeal and need to heal as well. Just take each day as it comes, and do what you think will make you happy on that particular day.

If you feel lonely and want company, call your friends and meet up with them. If you’re in the mood to do something on your own, then go for it. You should be the main focus in your mind right now. Don’t worry about your ex, your ex will start feeling lonely too, and the fact that you’re not around will make your ex miss you.

After a while, the bad feelings your ex had towards you will go away. This is when he will realize that he still has deep feelings for you. This, of course, will make your ex miss you like crazy. Your ex hasn’t seen or talked to you for quite some time. Your ex will start thinking about all the good times you shared together, and he’ll start liking the idea of ​​bringing those times back.

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